Benefits of Himalayan Yoga

Why Himalayan Yoga?

Everyone wants a healthy body, mental stability, and an emotional calm and peace. In a busy world it can often be hard to achieve these. Traditional Himalayan Yoga can help you with all of these by slotting into your busy lifestyle without taking over it.


The exercise of joints and glands allows the student to use joints, muscles, and the stimulation of the endocrine system to promote a healthy and flexible body.


The practice of asanas mindfully allows the postures to become a journey rather than a destination. It centres the mind, the body, and the breath to work towards creating a flexible, strong body, and stillness of the mind.

Sue's classes are amazing, I have had a few health issues and she's always taken them into consideration and helped me to adapt. The classes are so relaxing and are a perfect way to just chill out. There's absolutely no pressure to be good at yoga, but you get good without realising it because it's so relaxed!

Bekkie Hodder


The practice of breathing and breath awareness is so important for the improvement of the lungs and the heart rate, blood pressure, digestive system, bowel health, and emotional stability.


In today’s world, when the monkey mind is overstimulated and under stress, this mindful exercise creates emotional stability and a peaceful mind. So being able to calm down, relax the body, mind and breath, creates holistic mental health.