About Me

It's all about passion

I have been a nurse for many years so health and well being are important to me. A passion to understand and want to work with our own mind, body, and breath to enable a more holistic way to improve health. Yoga is for everyone, it is not a religion, but a scientific developed set of exercises which improve health both physically and mentally. What’s not to be passionate about?

I love attending Sue's yoga classes. They are both relaxing and energising and have helped me with my aches from running and helped improved my breathing whilst running. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Kate Youdale

Me and Himalayan Yoga

Ahimsa is at the heart of my yoga practice. This means loving kindness towards ourselves and our own personal well being. Harmony steadiness and comfort and compassion for ourselves should be present in our yoga practice.

Having worked as a nurse for several years I understand the need for both physical and mental health. Having travelled to India and studied the Traditional Himalayan practice of yoga, I wanted to share some of the secrets of the Himalayan masters.